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20-30k kindergarten English Language Teacher need hold Monstssori certificate

China, Beijing


20-30k kindergarten English Language Teacher need hold Monstssori certificate


Location: line 6 sijiqing and shilipu


Payment details:


Salary: 17k-20k


House: 3500 RMB


Training: Chinese class, First aid, Virtues training


Holiday: 3 weeks paid summer and 3 weeks paid winter, public holidays


Tickets: 6000rmb fight ticket bonus


Assurance: social and business insurance


Visa: WPC 2000~4000rmb bonus


The role of the English Language Teacher is to provide as much opportunity for English Language Acquisition as possible to each child in his/her classroom. In accomplishing this task, the teacher is expected to fulfill the following duties and responsibilities:


1. Provide individual or small-group English language lessons during the Montessori work cycle(s), congruent with any other ongoing lessons (e.g.Virtues, Chinese), and with respect to the concentrating child.


2. Plan and prepare for lessons and maintain teaching and observation notes in the Summary Sheet distributed to each ELT.


a. English Circle planning could be in consultation with


Directress in order to best meet English language needs of


each child.


b. The Primary ELT is entitled to one hour daily (outside of the classroom) for lesson planning and preparation.


3. Assist in classroom duties as assigned by Lead Directress, including:


a. Help in supervision of children during outdoor activities as


delegated by Lead Directress.


b. Help in preparing classroom teaching and learning materials.


4. Assist the Lead Directress/ Virtues Teacher during Montessori/ Virtues


Circle Times.


a. The Directress is responsible for planning of Montessori circle


times; however ELTs are welcome to aid in the process.


b. ELTs might lead a part of the Montessori/ Virtues Circle Time


(e.g. an activity, a song, etc.).


c. ELTs are expected to provide English language support and




5. As the English language model, actively engage in English interactions with


children throughout the day, again with respect to the concentrating child.


6. Complete term reports for each child by deadline.


a. Reports should be well written and proofread before final


submission and being sent home with child.


b. Reports should follow standards as determined by




7. Respect the rules and provisions of the school and department as stated in the TFLH Staff Handbook for English Language Teachers and any amendments made to roles and duties by the school or agreed upon mutually amongst colleagues.


8. Attend English Language Department (and grade) meetings and provide  constructive feedback on functioning of department in interest of continuous review and improvement.


9. Participate in regular peer-observations of ELTs and provide feedback to help self, colleagues and department in professional growth.


a. Each ELT should observe at least one lesson per month.


10. Conduct oneself in a professional and respectful manner harmonious with the objectives and philosophy of the school.


If interested.please send your CV to


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