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Short term!!! provide competitive salary between $4500-$5000 with accommodation, Start in September,2019 in Hubei, China.

China, Beijing

Location: Huangshi, China

Category: Faculty-Engineering-Mechanical Engineering

Application Due: Open Until Filled

Type: Adjunct/Short term

A University invites applications  for  short  term instructors  to teach undergraduate course in

Mechanical Engineering in Fall 2019. Candidates will be working in Huangshi, Hubei Province,

China, in a joint program with a U.S. university.

Course Description:

1. Physics I(96teaching hours, 8 weeks, between September-November, 2019 ) – Instructor

to teach one or more courses. First semester of a one-year calculus-based introduction to

physics. Topics normally include vectors, kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, work and

energy,  momentum,  rotational  and  orbital  motion,  torque,  angular  momentum,  and


2. Introduction to Engineering ( 96 teaching hours, 8 weeks, between September-November,

2019)– Instructor to teach one or more courses. This course provides engineering students

with the communication skills needed in college and throughout their careers, and introduces

them to the profession of engineering, computer skills, report generation, public speaking,

leadership and teamwork skills are covered. This course is the introductory course taken by all

Engineering majors, and along with a general introduction to engineering tools concepts of

voltage, current, resistance and reactance are covered. Applications covered include basic

circuits including power and energy calculations.

3. Digital Fundamentals (96teaching hours, 8 weeks, between September-November, 2019 )

– Instructor to teach one or more courses. The design and analysis of digital systems that the

bit, gate, flip-flop level with particular emphasis on the application of digital systems. Topics

include  Boolean  algebra,  logic  gates,  and  integrated  circuit  design  including  the  use  of

Karnaugh maps to minimize the number of gates; combinational systems such as arithmetic

circuits, decoders, encoders, and multiplexers, and dynamic logic blocks as latches, FlipFlops, counters and shift registers. Laboratory projects will involve designing, building, and

testing of some digital systems.


 Master's degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or closely related field is

required for undergraduate instruction.

 English native speaker is preferred;

 Patient and enthusiastic for teaching with high sense of responsibility;

 More than 3 years’ teaching or training experience is preferred;

 Understanding American higher education system, test methods and requirements.

Compensation and Salary:

 $4500-$5000 per course;

 Assist on visa application;

 One round trip airfare from the instructor’s city to Huangshi shall be provided;

 A free apartment on campus shall be provided;

 Pick-up service shall be provided


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