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Shenzhen &Zhuhai & Guangzhou & Tianjin &Qingdao ESL Elementary Teaching

China, Shenzhen


1. Position Titles:

(1)Shenzhen luohu/Nanshan District ESL Elementary School Teacher (3 positions)

(2)Zhuhai City Xiangzhou District ESL Elementary School Teacher (1 position)

(3) Tianjin City Xi Qing District Bilingual Elementary School Teacher (2 positions)

(4)Qingdao City HuangDao District Bilingual Elementary School Teacher (2 positions)

2. Position Description and Responsibility

(1) To teach ESL or ESL Science to Grade 1-Grade 3 (age of 7-9) or Grade 4-Grade 6, participate in teaching seminars, participate in school events or activities etc..

(2) Work days: Monday to Friday 8:00am-12:00pm, 14:00pm-18:00pm. 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week contract hours. School actual schedule hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-12:00;14:00-17:30PM.

(3)Teaching lessons: 24 lessons per week, 40 minutes per lesson.

3. Daily Routine Duty

(1) Teach classes, have open day lesson each semester.

(2) Prepare lesson plans at school, correct students' homework and mentor students when is necessary..

(3) Attend the school teaching seminars.

(4) Participate in English or art festivals or school big celebration events.

(5) Hand in monthly work record and work revision on time.

(6) Develop friendly relationship with students, teachers and administrators (client).

(7) Being flexible with school's occasional schedule change due to their need.

(8) Know how to use multimedia technology in classroom (teaching resource CD, computer, projectors etc).

(9) Give monthly or final test for students when it is necessary.

(10) Co-operate with relevant coworkers.

4. Pay Package

(1) Position monthly remuneration:

(1)Monthly pay CNY14000 before tax+ monthly apartment allowance CNY4000 +CNY8000 flight reimbursement+winter vacation pay CNY5000

(2) Monthly pay CNY14000-social medical insurance CNY836 — income tax1123= CNY12064 + CNY4000 apartment allowance =net cash CNY16064.

(3) Contract start and end date: September 1st,2017 — June 30th, 2018.

5. Other Benefits paid by employer

(1) First Week (3-5days) paid Hotel cost: CNY1000.

(2) Logistic assistance cost CNY3000 paid to Chinese colleague.

(3) Extra hour work payment CNY250 per hour.

6. Work Visa Process:

--Plan A (Bring all ready documents to apply work visa here in Shenzhen ,China)

--Plan B ( get work visa in teacher's home country before coming to china,taking longer time for process)

7. Employment process :

---Set Skype Interview

---Send signed employment contract to lock position;

---Prepare work visa application documents together

---fly to China (or Teacher inside China can directly transfer new work visa.

8.Contact Information:

Alicia HR Manager

Skype: SIE Education

Wechat:15112672277(phone contact)

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