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Shenzhen Full-time Middle, High school academy teachers

China, Shenzhen

Grade: G7-G10

Subject: Social Science

Locations: Nanshan district, Shenzhen

Full package pay: CNY15000-CNY17000 before tax

Housing Allowance: CNY4000

Flight: CNY7000

Meals: CNY4 for each meal

textbooks: provided by school;

Office hours: 8am to 12pm, 2pm to 5:30pm

Working visa option:

Plan A (Bring all ready documents to apply work visa here in Shenzhen ,China)

--Plan B ( get work visa in teacher's home country before coming to china,taking longer time for process)

Employment process :

---Set Skype Interview

---Send signed employment contract to lock position;

---Prepare work visa application documents together

---fly to China (or Teacher inside China can directly transfer new work visa.

8.Contact Information:

Alicia HR Manager

Skype: SIE Education

Wechat:15112672277(phone contact)

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