Welcome!!! English Teaching Jobs Available in Wuhan – Up to 22k per month (+benefits)!

China, Wuhan


with its high-developed speed and  great history/location, this central China city, WUHAN, which is described as China Chicago, is now becoming more and more foreign friends first choice to explore the REAL CHINA!


Job Description


A. Providing high quality English courses (Lesson plan and basic training provided) to kindergarten aged kids.


Specific infos are as below:


1, age group: 1.5--6 year-old


2, class size : maximum to 25 kids with 2-3 assistants


3, class hours: About 45-60mins per class, maximum to 4 classes per day


4. Office hours are provided


B. Giving specific feedbacks to parents.


C.  Basic caring for kids (e.g occasionall taking kids to toilet or helping crew with cleaning) very occasionally.




We provide:


1.  Competitive salary--up to 20% more among the business 


2. House allowance 


3. Flight tickets reimbursement


4. PAID Winter break and Summer Break


5. Company's benefits (e.g Holidays present, team building activities)


6. Staff family benefit.(e.g staff kids get priority while studying at this school)




Job Requirements


1. (for applying a working visa)Native speakers from USA, British, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa or friends with working visa


5. Bachelor degree or above is a must. Major in Education or language related are preferred.


3. TEFL or TESOL Certificates are preferred.


4. 2 year relative experiences or above are preferred.


5.A nurturing but passionate attitude. can be annoying from time to time, so your patients are quite important.


7.A mom or dad is much preferred.


8. Non-criminal record is a MUST




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