Available jobs in June 2020

China, Nanchong/Chonqing/Tianjin/Chengdu/Zhengzhou/Changsha/Hangzhou

1—Nanchong urban language training, one mother, a monthly salary of 23independent accommodationvarious benefits, and an intermediary fee of 20K divided by half.

2—Chongqing Urban Language Training, one mother, a maximum of 23 livewelfare after tax. The agency fee is 20K half and half.

3—Tianjin International High School, one mathematics test, monthly salary up to 25K after tax, half salary in winter and summer vacations.

4—Chengdu kindergarten (mother day, cultural and educational work permit), Chengdu language training (non-mother day management type economic work permit)

5—Zhengzhou International Kindergarten, also need mothers, foreign teachers of Asian mother tongue, Asians can give 15livewelfare after tax, mothers 22 after taxvarious.

6- Hangzhou kindergarten requires two mother tongues, at least one is white, and requires pronunciation, followed by appearance. Color teachers can give livewelfare after tax of 18 or above. Intermediary fee monthly salary.

7—Changsha Yupei, if you are a mother-to-woman foreign teacher, you can pay up to 15 after tax live. Visa type is not limited.

8. Luzhou language training, mother tongue needs, skin color is not limited, within 22K independent accommodation corresponding subsidies.


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