Few jobs in Shenzhen starting in June 2020

China, Shenzhen


1.start assp,shenzhen daycare training center need three female teacher,monday to friday 8:30-17:30,native 20k-23k,non native 16-17k ,line 5 bantian longgang district.prefer female,2-3years old.


2.shenzhen Start from July 6 th ,need14mornig part time teachers(monday to friday 8:30am -11:30pm,native 11k~12k,non native 9-10k), 8 full time job teacher(8:30-5:30) native 20k-23k,non native 16k~17k,,line.2 haiyue /keyuan nanshan district,line7 xiasha line 2 xiangmei futian district, ,luohu district,line4 hongshan/honghua/shangtang, longhua district,nanshan district and line 1 pingzhou/baoan centerbaoan district,2-3years old ,every district have branches


3.shenzhen full time job[Monday - Friday]10:00-12:00,14:00-19:00(*Note: This time can be adjusted according to different working shift and the timetable of classes.)[Saturday]

9:00-18:00(*Note: This part will be paid extra salary depending on the demand of the school.)(Line 2, Qiao Xiang Station, futian district,15k-20k


4.shenzhen training center part time job,Dapeng new district,bus statation name:dapeng center/ E11 and E26 can go there.five days a week.everyday evening 2 hours,.2.5ys-15ys,2-10 kids in one group,250/hour.




5.Philippine nanny needed ,shenzhen longhua district ,2 kids in one family,4 and 8 years old,STARTasap,help kids with english and housework,and help mummy with work(match foreign teacher with clients)one day least 6000 per month.



6.shenzhen full time job,start asap,female only,14k-18k for non native 20k-22k for native,line 3jixiang metro station'longgang district.they have over 30 branches in shenzhen ,two days off,40 hours per weekmonday and tuesday off.



7.shenzhen primary school ,no office hour ,start from the end.of August monday to friday 8:00-12:00,2:00-3:35,no office hour,18-20 classes per week,Guangming New District line 11songgang then 10mins taxi, native only 16k+apartment,free apartment winter full pay


8.shenzhen full time job,start asap,from 4/6,14-18k for non native ,boss canot accept more than 18k,if you want more salary,dont go for interview and demo,line 1gushu metro station'then 10 mins car , baoan district.two days off,40 hours per week


9.shenzhen hometutoring ,one on one ,math,grade 5 in one international school,once a week,line 1 baishizhou,nanshan district.400/1.5h for native,375 for non native


10.jaingxi shangrao city,pubilc school,no office hour,work visa promised(BA+tefi or tesol),20 classes per week,45 mins per class,native 17k+apartment,only accept non native from Europe 13-14k+apartment .winter and summer pay.


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