Guangzhou , 24K /month , Kindergarten

China, Guangzhou

Location: Tianhe District or Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

Introduction of the school:

the kindergartens belong to a well-known local education group. They aim to tap the potential of the kids and help them develop in an all-round way by adopting the Montessori education style, offering classes about English, fine arts, traditional Chinese culture, music and dance. Welcome to join the kindergartens and work with the lovely kids in the cozy environment!

Job Details Start date: August 2020

Schedule: Monday to Friday, weekends off

Workload: No more than 40 working hours each week, including office hours and teaching hours

Class size: 20 to 25 students

Curriculum: provided

Teaching assistant: yes

Teaching experience: preferred


Job description: 1. Provide age-appropriate classes and activities in English, inspiring the kids to learn English 2. Attend school open days and cultural events Salary and Benefits 1. Salary range: 22000 to 24000 RMB without accommodation 2. Visa: Z visa, work permit and residence permit support 3. Flight reimbursement: 5000 RMB 4. Summer or winter vacation allowance: 3000 RMB 5. Others: Arrival support, hotel reimbursement, paid public holidays, free accident insurance, job orientation and on-going training, delicious Chinese food and amazing work team, career advancement opportunities, Chinese culture experience activities, etc.


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