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noborder Question:

I am a white Canadian. Can i get a teaching job and a work visa without a bachelor degree?

Our Answer:

Thank you for your inquiry.

Last year the visa policy was updated to be more specific on requirements to work in China as a teacher.

There are basic requirements needed to apply for the working visa as follows: bachelor degree (In any field), TEFL (Minimum 60 hours) ,TESOL or CELTA; If you recently graduated you must offer a reference letter(s) equating up to 2 years work experience in any field.

If you are looking to work in Shanghai and in some cases Beijing or Shenzhen your work experience must be in a teaching field. This is depending on the school but in most cases prevails.


Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 12:44:31 +0800, 1963 views

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