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Some selected blog posts from our work abroad tips, suggestions, advice and support. Including a range of work abroad related blogs for your reading.

  How are you doing? Today I would like to talk with you about a city with a thousand years of history, it is located in south of China, close to Guangdong and Hunan provinces. It is Ganzhou which is belonging to Jiangxi province. Maybe some of you have heard of this city before, but do you really know its history and its special attractions? Ganzhou, the second largest city in Jiangxi province, people often call it Gannan region, is the world's most important Tungsten production location; known as “World Tungsten”. Ganzhou, is the original place of the Hakkas People C...Read more

Date published: 24/07/19 02:33 Views: 320 Read
University Position with Low Working Hours in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province

How are you doing?   Have you been to Guiyang? Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, is one of the central cities in southwest China. It is the national leisure tourism city, with a reputation of being "The Chinese summer capital". Specifically,  the forest coverage rate of Guiyang is 46.5% which is more than Vancouver, Cnanada at 36%, Paris, France at 27%, Hawaii, America at 30% and Bangkok, Thailand at 20%. Apart from being the backbone of Guizhou's tourism industry, Guiyang is also the financial and business center of Guizhou province.   Guizhou is a multi-ethinc pr...Read more

Date published: 06/06/19 09:03 Views: 183 Read
Drama Teaching in Guiyang, Non-native English Speakers accepted!

If it’s your first time to visit China, you shouldn't miss Chengdu. Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province, which is located in the Southwest of China, it is 1.24 thousand square kilometers in size and has population of 11 million. It is the technological, commercial, trading, financial and transportation center. Chengdu is described as “Ancient Shu Culture”, “Sichuan Scenery”, “Culture of Three Kingdoms”, “Panda Protection”, “Chengdu Delicacies” by visitors from all over the world.   Chengdu is one of the top tour...Read more

Date published: 29/03/19 04:01 Views: 513 Read
Historical city—Chengdu is waiting for you!

How are you doing? Do you know why Shanghai is called “The Greatest City of the Far East” or “Paris of the Orient”? Well, a century ago, a Japanese author wrote a book about Shanghai and named it?The Greatest City of the Far East?After that the name gained a lot of traction. Serving as the largest base of Chinese industrial technology, the important seaport and the Chinese largest commercial and financial center, Shanghai draws the attention of the whole world. Known as “Paris of the Orient”, Shanghai is a shopper's paradise. One of the musts for touris...Read more

Date published: 29/03/19 03:58 Views: 306 Read
New! Management and ESL teaching position are available in Shanghai!

Hong Kong, Located in Guangdong province near Shenzhen and Guangzhou in the South of China is a common weekend trip for us Guangzhou and Shenzhen expats. In this video, thanks to Luca Infante (See more of his work here) we are happy to announce our first video!

...Read more

Date published: 10/10/15 07:13 Views: 3916 Read
Hong Kong 3 day visa run on 58GBP!

Are you thinking about moving to Taiwan and finding a job opportunity there? Not sure what is the best way to do it? Read on to find out more.   Common issues and questions The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese. Although the locals are well educated in English knowing some mandarin Chinese will always come to your advantage. Usually the younger locals will speak some or fluent English, but it is best for expats to try to learn the basics to handle any unexpected situations or deal with every-day life there. Even if your pronunciation is poor and the sentence may be gramat...Read more

Date published: 07/09/15 03:39 Views: 4121 Read
How to find work in Taiwan

The distinguished culture of Japan has always been a major reason for foreigners to visit and move there. If you are looking to live and work in Japan for the long term, we cover the majority of considerations and questions about this below.   Common issues and questions First off, communication is sure to be top of your question list. You must know that except the major cities the level of english is generally poor, especially amongst the older generation. It is always recommended for expats to learn as much as possible about the basics before arrival, which will at least give you con...Read more

Date published: 07/09/15 01:59 Views: 3928 Read
How to find work in Japan

South Korea is famous for its historic landmarks and developed cities, being Asia’s third largest economy. Those who are looking to connect with Asian culture will surely not want to miss the opportunity to move to South Korea. Are you still hesitating due to lack of confidence and advice on finding work in South Korea?Read on to find out more.   Common issues and questions You are not usually expected to communicate with locals that do not speak fluent English or know about English; many in South Korea speak excellent english, Although, it’s good to at least to learn the b...Read more

Date published: 31/08/15 08:36 Views: 4675 Read
How to find work in South Korea

Many foreigners flock to Thailand to find job opportunities as Thailand is well known for wonderful travel and beautiful beaches. Did you know you can actually get paid to work in Thailand too? Interested? Below is a selection of tips to assist your job finding in Thailand.   Common issues and questions Just like any other non-English speaking country, English speakers will find some difficulty in talking with the locals if they can't speak Thai (common issues in Asian countries). Generally the level of english in Thailand is sufficient to communicate and conduct most of your daily rou...Read more

Date published: 31/08/15 05:11 Views: 4084 Read
How to Find Work in Thailand

Are you considering moving to and finding work in Hong Kong, but have no idea how to begin? This article focuses on the issues that an expat frequently asks and will be facing before and during the move to Hong Kong.   Issues In Hong Kong, language barrier issues are virtually non-existant as English education is popular here and it is one of the official languages, nevertheless, Cantonese is often the first language the natives will use to communicate. Even so, it is still of great use to know some Chinese as you may meet people without any knowledge of English at all (especially olde...Read more

Date published: 28/08/15 10:08 Views: 4571 Read
How to Find Work in Hong Kong

How to find work in China? For those of you are considering living and working in China for the very first time, it is unavoidable that you will be facing many intimidating issues you may or may not have thought of before. This article will discuss the most important issues affecting your finding work in China process and the current job market in China, assisting jobseekers to make the best possible choice and have a happy and rewarding experience as an expat.   Common Issues and questions The first issue you are going to encounter is probably the language barrier. In some cases, esp...Read more

Date published: 27/08/15 10:33 Views: 4308 Read
How to Find Work in China

Have you ever dreamed of escaping your home country and living in a foreign place with warm sunshine, exotic culture and beautiful scenery? This is not a dream any more as there are many amazing working abroad opportunities awaiting you in a diverse range of exciting work abroad countries globally. Don't worry about a huge travelling budget, travel the best way, helping others and get paid for it too! Interested? Continue reading for more details.   Some of you may doubt whether a local salary can fully support living in a foreign country (referring to the usual western standard of livi...Read more

Date published: 25/08/15 06:22 Views: 4690 Read
How to find work abroad