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Up to 33k RMB/Month, English Teacher Positions in Kindergarten, Public School, University throughout China

China, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen, Dalian, Wuhan, Nantong, Zhangjiagang, Yangzhou, Nanchang, Huizhou, Dongguan, Jinan, Inner Mongolia, Jining

University hotel management/Economics/Music/Painting teacher etc

Guangdong Huizhou city, university lecture wanted in the following subjects:

Hotel management , tourism management, Economics management. fashion design, Music, Geography , instrument performance and vocal music, painting .

Salary is RMB8000/M for master degree and RMB 8500/M,

14-16 teaching hours

Mon to Fri schedule free on weekends

free private 2 bedroom apartment, well furnished RMB20K per year government allowance holiday allowance RMB 3000

Flight allowance RMB 3000-8000 per Summer/Winter vacation with pay

contract starts from March 2018 for one school year , renewable.


14k to 19k adult training school ESL teacher in Dongguan

Adults English teaching

For 25 weekly teaching hours:

i) Highly competitive Base Salary+ Housing Allowance + Performance Bonus + Non-leave pay + Working Visa Bonus: RMB14000-19000/month

ii) Year-end bonus

iii) RMB 6000 year airfare

iv) Monthly performance bonus of RMB 1000-3000

v) Non-leave pay: monthly bonus of RMB 500 will be given as reward of obeying the attendance rules

vi) Monthly Working Visa bonus of RMB 500 will be given to the teachers who have working visa


15k-20k Kids training school teacher in Qingdao/Yangzhou/Xiamen

Kids training school in Qingdao, Yangzhou, Xiamen etc,

salary 15K to 20K,

Free apartment or house allowance


Paid holidays

plus other benefits,

native English speakers with degree only


7500RMB per month university Korea teacher in Nanchang

16hours classes per work For Subject Teaching

Monthly Salary (RMB):7500 before tax

Airfare Per year (RMB):10000

Summer Vacation Allowance 2200 RMB

Reimbursement of RMB 1500 for travelling in China

Summer and Winter holiday, Chrismas, Public Holidays in China

Providing free apartment with bedroom and living room, kitchen, bathroom.


15k university civil engineering teacher math teacher - Nanchang

1) Civil Engineering


contract starts from end of Feb 2018 for one school year. renewable.

14hours classes per work For Subject Teaching

Monthly Salary (RMB):15000 before tax

Airfare Per year (RMB):10000

Summer Vacation Allowance 2200 RMB

Reimbursement of RMB 1500 for travelling in China

Summer and Winter holiday, Christmas, Public Holidays in China

Providing free apartment with bedroom and living room, kitchen, bathroom.


10-11k English teacher Japanese teacher German teacher in Jinan

Applicants should have a minimum of 2 years college teaching experience and preferably TEFL/TESOL certificates. The appointee should be qualified to teach speaking and writing courses for undergraduate programs.

Teach speaking and writing courses for undergraduate programs, 12-16 hours per week.

A monthly salary and benefits ranging from 10000 to 11000 RMB, commensurate with educational background and teaching experience.

University shall bear the cost of the insurance (1680 RMB annual premium) while the applications shall bear medical expenditures that are below the

minimum amount or exceeds the maximum amount, and other expenditures not covered by the insurance.

The foreign teachers can stay in the foreign expert apartments on campus, with a monthly rent ranging from about 1600 to 2000RMB.


7000 to 8000RMB University ESL teacher in Wuhan

students : 18-21 years old,

class size: 35 , teach ESL .

14-18 teaching hours per week,

no office hours,

2 semesters, each semester is 18 weeks

2 months winter vacation, one month summer vacation, 70% salary, salary is 7000-8000RMB per month,

free apartment, private well furnished on campus,

free insurance,

flight allowance 8000RMB per year ,

holiday travel allowance 2200RMB


10k to 11k University English teacher in Inner Mongolia

8-16 teaching hours per week,

free on weekends,

no officer hours,

free private apartment.

2 months winter vacation with one month full payment,

2 month summer vacation with one month full payment.

require native English speakers with degree, under 60 years old


15k to 16k High school ESL teacher in Jining

one year contract, renewable.

no more than 20 teaching hours per week,

require office hours,

free on weekends,

free apartment,

need native English speakers meet working visa requirements, process working visa.


17k per month international elementary school ESL teacher in BJ

Beijing Yanjiao,

Private elementary school international department

Teacher English/Math

No more than 20 students


17k per month

Vacancy 1

March 1, 2018 contract start ,

one year contract renewable,

Require native English speaker wanted


25-33K international school Science/Physics/Music teacher in BJ

RMB 25.000-33,000,

Aug 2018 job in International school in Beijing(

math, science and physics, music and Band, English/social studies, homeroom teacher)


15k to 18k kids training school ESL teacher in Shanghai

kids training school in Shanghai ,

Monday -Friday (3-7) saturday ,

Sunday 8:30am-6pm...

salary 15K-18K (1 day off)

require teachers with good English skills in sing/dancing/art etc ,

start asap,

location: Xinjiangwan Subway station


14k per month kids training school ESL teacher in Dalian

Dalian, kids training school

Within 25 teaching class per week, one day rest per week

Overwork allowance: 150RMB/H

Teaching curriculum: Adult-General English/Business English, kids English

Students age: 18+ or 5-12

Students NO: 8-15

Offices hours: 5 per week, negotiable

Notes: teacher need to teach adult English, for teaching kids is negotiable

14k+ free apartment

Chinese national holidays+7days paid holidays+3 days Christmas

8600RMB flight allowance after one year contract and willing to sign another year contract

School can help apply working visa/FEC

Business medical insurance & accidental insurance

Transportation allowance negotiable

Teaching assistant:yes for kids


Up to 20k high school science teacher English teacher in Qingdao

Qingdao, high school

Science teacher, English teacher

16-18k per month before tax, 3k house allowance, total up to 20k per month, depends on teacher’s ability

25 teaching class + other benefits



14-16k high school Chemistry Biology Physics teacher in Nantong

high school in Nantong city, jiangsu near Shanghai

20-25 teaching class per week, each 40mins

Rest on weekend

Teaching subject: Canada OSSD, ESL

Students age: 14-18

Students no:small class, within 20

No office hours except teaching time

14-16k per month after tax+free apartment

Paid 20 days

Reimbursement for one flight ticket or 7000RMB allowance

Help teacher apply a working visa

Medical & accidental insurance

Travel & transportation allowance


16k to 20k per month kindergarten ESL teacher in Zhangjiagang


female native English teacher wanted in Zhangjiagang(Suzhou area),

Mon to Fri kindergarten,

free on weekends,

class size 10-15,

start asap,

one year contract.


International kindergarte in Shenzhen Nanshan district, Feb 2018 start , The ideal candidate should possess the following: 

-P Minimum Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood and/or Education from a recognised institution, involving not less than 3 years full time study
-P Teacher Certificate, Diploma or other Teacher Accreditation courses and certification are required if the applicant’s degree is not in Education
-P At least 2 to 5 years of relevant teaching experience in the Early Childhood /Primary school setting
-P Knowledge of or willingness to acquire knowledge of inquiry based learning is required
-P Knowledge of Early Years (EYFS) / IB PYP course and training is highly valued
-P International experience, especially in Asia, is highly valued
-P Willing to commit to a 2-year contract
-P Must have, or be willing to obtain, current criminal police clearance from their home country and last country of employment
Remuneration Package:
-Monthly Salary is above18,000RMB
-Free accommodation
-Free medical insurance
-Paid holiday
-Return tickets


Chongqing/chengdu/Xi'an/Inner Mongolia/Xinjiang, ESL teaching job --asap( female, western looking)

The salary:12000-15000RMB per month 
The exact salary according to the result of interview.
Working time :100hours per month,two days off in a week. you may have 3 hours per day in a week except two days off, its not very busy. On the weekend,you may have 5-8 class hours,it's busy on the weekend.
House allowance :1000RMB -1500RMBper month. According to the specific situation of rental housing
Age of student :10-60 years old 
Content of teaching: teaching adult ,teenager spoken English ,IELTS 、TOEFL


Univesrity in Guangdong province, Foshan , nearby Shenzhen. need ESL teacher

To teach college students spoken English as an oral English teacher
Contract term ranges from two terms to three years according to his performance
There will be a maximum of 18(including: extracurricular activities and English corner)classes for each week
We offer:
7500-8500 RMB as monthly salary (after tax)
contract ending bonus (7500-8500 RMB)
electricity and water allowance (200 RMB/month)
a single room on campus with a washing room, basic furniture and household appliances
Work Visa Sponsorship, Residence Permits, Foreign Expert Permit provided
assistance in safeguard and maintain the room
Female teacher prefered, European teacher with their own visa is acceptable

If you are interested please send a 30 seconds video introduction in English focus on teaching and education background, resume, photo, degree in English translation, teaching cert to (plz send us the job link as well) to the email below

25K or more plus rent 5000RMB per month ESL teacher wanted in Jan, 2018 Shanghai Minhang, high school Grade 9-12 
Teacher Salary and Benefits
1. Salary is competitive with other International School in Shanghai 25000RMB
2. Housing allowance
3. Return airfare
4. Medical Insurance
5. Airport pick up
6. Visa and work permit assistance
native English speaker in Shanghai or China wanted

Shanghai jiading Offer after tax 12000-15000RMB plus rent 2000RMB per month , working hours 25 + 15, kids training school,start asap

If you are interested please send a 30 seconds video introduction in English focus on teaching and education background, resume, photo, degree in English translation, teaching cert to (plz send us the job link as well) to the email below

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