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@@@@####¥¥¥¥23-30K Native English Teachers Needed in Haidian ASAP

China, Beijing


@@@@####¥¥¥¥23-30K Native English Teachers Needed in Haidian ASAP


Job specification:


1. Native speakers from Britain, America, Canada and Australia;


2. Qualified for work, bachelor degree or above;


3. Experience in kindergarten teaching;


Salary and benefits:


1. Native language country, conforming to the labor contract: pre-tax payment of 23-30k (air ticket, housing subsidy, insurance, etc.);


2. Paid annual leave: 15 days in the first year and 20 days in the second year;


3. There is a discount for children entering the park;


4. Training courses worth 10,000 yuan;


5. Annual bonus (specific amount is determined according to daily performance).


Job responsibilities:


1) The working schedule is from 8:00am to 5:30 pm (two hours lunch break time: 12:00-14:00pm)Sometimes from 13:00 to 14:00 we will have meeting,usually one week one time.


2) The employee shall plan lessons and teach in one specific class (PK/k1/k2/k3).


3) The employee shall also take the responsibilities as a homeroom teacher to ensure children are care-given and supervised, discipline maintained and health and safety maintained as well.


4) In addition to that, the employee shall participate in the required PYP group discussion, meetings, environment decoration, outside kindergarten activities, monthly reports, talking to parents and lesson planning.


5) The employees shall regularly complete the reports of teaching to the parents, such as: weekly lesson plan, monthly goals, and is responsible for the completion of other related written materials, such as observation records and so on.


6) The employee shall accept the assessment, evaluation and reward or punishment based on the performance evaluation criteria during his/her tenure.


Address: Haidian district, Beijing


If interested,please send your CV to




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