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Shenzhen international school is looking for English native Maths teacher in Feb 2020

China, Shenzhen

TEACHER: Math Teacher 




Job Description 


Teach and instruct developmentally appropriate curriculum to students. 

Utilize an adopted course of study, instructional program guidelines, and other 

materials in planning and developing lesson plans and teaching outlines. 

Pursue a variety of methodology in teaching and instructing pupils, including 

lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and laboratory experiences. 

Conduct teaching and instructional activities, using educational equipment, 

materials, books, and other learning aids. 

Plan, develop, and utilize a variety of instructional materials and aids appropriate 

to the intellectual and instructional level of pupils who possess a range of mental 

and emotional maturity. 

Review, analyze and evaluate the history, background and assessment of pupils in 

designing instructional programs to meet individual educational needs. 

Individualize and adapt educational processes and procedures to enhance pupil 

educational opportunities. 

Provide group and individual instruction to motivate pupils, and effectively utilize 

the time available for instructional activities. 

Maintain appropriate standards of pupil behavior, using behavioral management 

strategies and techniques, including positive reinforcement and behavior shaping 


Review, analyze, evaluate, and report pupil academic, social, and emotional 


Prepare, administer, score, record, and report the results of criterion-referenced 

tests, and administer scores, records and reports the results of group-standardized 

tests in evaluating pupil growth and progress. 

Counsel, confer with and communicate with parents, school and school personnel 

regarding pupil progress, and in the interpretation of the educational program. 


Cooperatively pursue alternative solutions to alleviate pupil learning problems,Cooperatively pursue alternative solutions to alleviate pupil learning problems, 


and to enhance expanded academic, social and emotional growth opportunities. 


Maintain an effective learning environment. 


Select and requisition appropriate educational supplies, materials, books, 


equipment, and learning aids. 


Perform a variety of non-instructional duties, including curriculum and 


instructional development activities, student supervision, and consultation 




Maintains rigor of Advanced Placement Course(s). Completes AP Teacher Requirements as directed. 




Bachelor’s Degree or higher; 


Teacher Certification in the appropriate curricular area; 


Administer and deliver instruction in the appropriate language for the course; 


Prior Advanced Placement teaching experience (preferred) or strong working 


knowledge of AP teaching requirements; 


Plan, organize, develop and conduct a comprehensive teaching and instruction 


program for pupils at the appropriate level;


Provide appropriate and effective learning experiences for pupils from a wide 

range of socio-economic levels and cultural backgrounds; 

Effectively assess the instructional and educational needs of pupils, and design, 

develop, and implement sound instructional and educational programs; 

Provide a motivating and stimulating learning environment; 

Follow safety procedures and written and verbal instructions; 

Work effectively with staff, students and parents; 

Make independent decisions; 

Work autonomously; 

Organize tasks, set priorities and meet deadlines, manage multiple tasks; 

Demonstrate good judgment and good problem-solving skills; 

Direct and instruct others; 

Have a good command of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English; 


Respond appropriately to evaluation and changes in the work setting

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