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Good offers in May&June all over China (Subject teacher can be English non native)

China, Most 1st tied & 2nd tied cities

1. Shenzhen High School, Biophysical Chemistry, Business, French, History, Female Sports, Vice Principal, 20-30k plus accommodation, Vice Principal 30-40k

2 Suzhou Yiwu School, kindergarten and elementary school, 18-23k plus accommodation

3 Foshan IB High School, Biology, Drama, Economics, Kindergarten, 18-25 after tax plus room supplement

4 Xuzhou, ESL for elementary and junior high schools, 20-24k plus accommodation

5 Foshan British High School, English, Biology, Academic Principal, 20-30k plus room supplement, 500-700k Principal

6 Shanghai IB school, elementary school sports, 20-24k plus 4000 room supplement

7 Shanghai primary school homeroom and ESL, 18-22 after tax plus accommodation

8 Nanjing Kindergarten Primary School, 18-25k plus 3000 room supplement

9 Jinan Junior High School Language Arts, Junior Middle School ESL, Music, Vice Principal, Social Psychology, Mathematics, 17-30k plus room supplement

10 Jinan High School, Ap writing language, Ap psychology, AP algebra mathematics, AP biology, counseling counselor, 20-25k plus room supplement

11 World History of Hefei, American Sociology, AP Math English, AP Physics, AP Biochemistry, consultation counselor, 17-30k plus room supplement

12 Shanghai English High School, Geography Team Leader, Physics and Mathematics, English, 20-25k plus 5000 room supplement

13 Qingdao English High School, Geography, Business Chemistry, Biology, 20-30k plus room supplement

14 Guangzhou American School, elementary school homeroom and junior high school literature, kindergarten, 20-25k plus 2500 room supplement

15 Shanghai British High School, English and history, 20-28k plus 5000 room supplement

16 Shanghai English School, business, humanities, science, 20-30k plus 5000 room supplement

17 Guangzhou private schools, kindergartens, elementary school ESL, junior middle school ESL, middle school science, high school IELTS English, high school TOEFL English,

High school economy, high school physical biology, 18-22 after tax plus accommodation

18 Guangzhou American School, Elementary School ESL, American Project Junior High School Science (Chemistry, Biology-based, with STEM experience preferred) High School AP Drama, 20-25k plus accommodation

19 Wuxi IB school, junior high school English, mathematics, physics, 20-30k plus 5000 room supplement

20 Shanghai English-style kindergarten, major in education, teacher certificate, homeroom and English, 20-28k plus 8800 room supplement

21 Wenzhou English School, high school music mathematics, 20-30k plus 5000 room supplement

22 Shenzhen private school, primary school ESL, art, science, 20-25k plus room supplement, the best arrival in June

23 Suzhou English School, kindergarten, high school mathematics, 20-30k plus accommodation

24 Hangzhou private elementary school, English, 18-22k plus 6000 room supplement

25 Hangzhou International School, junior middle school ESL, junior middle school drama, primary school English, junior middle school science, primary school junior middle school music, 20-30k plus 8000 room supplement

26 Hangzhou Bilingual School, mathematics, physics, chemistry, science, drama, elementary school ESL and physical education, 25-35 million annual salary plus 3,000 room supplement

27 Langfang Bilingual School, primary ESL, elementary school, 20-25k plus accommodation

28 Shanghai American High School, high school literature, 20-28k plus 4000 room supplement

29 Nanjing IB School, computer and PYP coordinator, 20-28k plus 5000 room supplement

30 Jiaxing IB School, Primary School Visual Arts, Primary School Music, High School Music, 20-28k plus accommodation

31 Changzhou IB school, elementary school homeroom, high school English, 20-26k plus 2500 room supplement

32 Fuzhou English School, art, 25-35k plus accommodation

33 Shanghai Foreign School, Primary School PYP, Junior High School Mathematics, Chemistry, Art, 20-30k plus 6000 room supplement

34 Beijing IB school, primary school class teacher, primary school sports, junior high school sports, junior high school science, library, 25-35 after-tax private room supplement

35 IB Elementary School of Kunming, primary school class teacher, EAL, English language art, humanities, mathematics, coordinator, science, visual arts, 20-24k plus accommodation

36 Guangzhou Bilingual School, high school literature, 20-28k plus room supplement

37 Qingdao private school, primary school ESL, science, plus 3,000 room subsidies after 17-22 tax

38 Beijing English School, alevel economics and business, English, mathematics, music, 23-30k plus room supplement

39 Qingdao English School, Physical Chemistry Biology, Mathematics, 20-30 after tax plus accommodation

40 Chongqing American School, high school physics and EAP literature, 20-30k plus room supplement


41 Wenzhou University, Japanese, English, 11-13 after tax plus accommodation

42 Beijing International School, psychology, drama, kindergarten, mathematical physical chemistry, PYP coordinator, 20-40k plus room supplement

43 Beijing American School, Library, Science, Stem Physics, Chinese can be asked

44 Hangzhou Fusion School, elementary school English, music, junior high school art, 20-32k plus 5000 room supplement

45 Changshu IB School, Visual Arts, DP Coordinator, High School Literature, IBDP Bilingual Chemistry / Economy / Chinese Chemistry, IB Librarian, 20-35k plus accommodation

46 Jinhua Private School, Academic Supervisor of Foreign Kindergarten, Kindergarten Teacher, / General Teacher, Physical Education Teacher (Female),

Junior high school ICT computer information technology teacher, high school humanities teacher, high school English, physics, chemical biology, high school art, 25-35k plus accommodation, secondary education also

47 Shaoxing Bilingual School, Primary School Art, 22-26k plus accommodation

48 Chengdu private school, literature, economics, physics, mathematics, 20-25k plus accommodation

49 Beijing International School, elementary school homeroom, 26-36k plus room supplement

50 Shanghai IB school, kindergarten, elementary school PYP, junior high school music, English, DT design, high school, mathematics English, literature, visual arts, history, private room supplement after tax

51 Shanghai private school, primary school junior high school ESL, 18-22 after tax plus 1500 room supplement

53 Changchun English School, English, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Physics, Joint Science, Business Economics, Global Vision, Kindergarten, 25-30k plus room supplement

54 Shanghai suburban private school, primary school ESL, 17-19k plus 7000 room supplement

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