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Higher salary 23-27k per month + Academic Director wanted in Beijing High School less 20 classes per week

China, Beijing



Higher salary 23-27k per month + Academic Director wanted in Beijing High School less 20 classes per week

We are searching for professionals who are serious and passionate about teaching and living abroad in China! Many top schools in the booming cities of China are seeking positive individuals to teach English and to learn from you!


Location: Baiwanzhuang South street, Xicheng district

          Subway Line 4 , Yuanmingyuan Station,

Type:Public School

Working hours: Mon to Fri 8 am to 5 pm

less 20 classes per week



1. Monthly salary starting from 20K, depending on background and experience.

2.  2-year contract

3.  The first year contract will include emergency health insurance. The second year will include the standard/basic medical insurance.

4.  Thecontract includes 2-month probation period, and 80% of salary will be received during the probation period.

5.   You will have +/-3.5 weeks (winter vocation) paid holidays for the first year contract. You will have about +/-9.5 weeks paid holidays (summer and winter vocation) from the second year contract.  The specific date will depend on the schedule of the school and CHEER Beijing.

6.  Accountable International travel allowance will be reimbursed upon flight tickets after fulfilling the first year contract (up to 10K).

7. Local allowance will be paid from the second academic year (10K);

8. From the second year, the salary raise will be based on the perfomance index; you will be offered the rate of seniority allowance after working for 2 years with CHEER.

9. CHEER Beijing will present annual bonus based on staff performance and company financial situation. The actual amount is not fixed every year.

10. You are entitled to the free breakfast and lunch and sports facilitaties in Beijing High School;

11.  Z-Visa and Foreign Expert Certificate


Job Description

1)    Involve in teacher recruitment and evaluate candidate’s academic capability

2)    Provide training for newly-recruited teachers

3)    Recommend subject-specific teaching materials

4)    Set course objectives and give advice to teachers on how to achieve these goals

5)    Propose teaching hour requirements for different subjects

6)    Check subject teachers’ weekly teaching plan and give suggestions for improvement

7)    Monitor the subject teaching quality to ensure teaching quality

8)    Offer proposals for testing and marking scheme

9)    Communicate and interact regularly with subject teachers on a weekly basis to discuss teaching progress and identify issue to be addressed in a timely manner

10) Produce quarterly academic report of the specific subject

11) Participate in the modification, perfection and standardization of the curriculum

Attend promotional events of the program upon invitation

We are looking for candidates that:

1)    Master’s degree or equivalent level or relevant professional qualifications

2)    A minimum of five-year high school teaching experience

3)    An understanding of Western and Chinese secondary school education system

4)    An thorough knowledge of AP, A-level or IB program

5)    Experience in international academic assessment and quality assurance is highly preferable

6)    Experiences in the development of international academic programs is a plus

7)    Good cross-cultural communication skills and agreeable personality




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