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ASAP!! Native Speakers needed in Suzhou~~ Come on~~

China, Suzhou

Foreign English Teacher for Kiddle Suzhou (full time, working visa provided)


Location: Centrial of Suzhou Industrial Park ( SIP ) , nice place to work and live

Working hours: Wednesday to Friday:13:30--20:30,

Weekends:10:00--20:00,or 09:00--19:00


Salary: Rmb16000 to 18000

Housing allowance or apartment provided

Medical Insurance

Air ticket allowance

Paid national holidays and 5 annual leave days

Working visa

About Kiddie


The teaching concept of Kiddie English came from the United States in 1968. This educational concept has been popularized in more than 1,000 institutions and schools in the United States. The age of the children is from 2-12 years old.

In 2002, it began to enter the Asian market. By 2013, it had opened many schools in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan, and was directly introduced by many colleges and universities. In Korea alone, it had more than 150 directly operated schools, which were highly praised by teachers and parents. It has also become one of the largest educational institutions in Korea, and has won many international teaching system colleges and universities. Discussion awards;

Kiddie English has been committed to being the highest educational institution and supplier of teaching system in China since it entered the Chinese market. It has been recognized and cooperated by international schools in China's first-tier cities. Kiddie is committed to spreading advanced educational concepts throughout China and bringing standard American classroom experience to Chinese children.

Kiddie English is the first course in China that combines 2-3-year-old American Kindergarten Preparatory Class with English for Thinking. Take the lead in building 100% online and offline E-Learning teaching system and after-school online learning system training institutions;


Ensure that every child has an independent Kiddie global backstage system learning platform, so that children can integrate into the English environment at a fixed time every day, and achieve synchronous teaching, as well as synchronous review, personalized homework platform, so that children can truly experience synchronous American classroom in China!

Contact : Jenny Shu 

Wechat: 13004573870  Email:

Skype: jennyshu100

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