Maths and Physics Teacher Guangzhou Up to 25K

China, Guangzhou

A wonderful opportunity for a Maths and Physics teacher in Panyu High-school with free accommodation and excellent salary options.

Key requirements are as follows:
Age limit: Under 60 years old (59 years is the absolute maxium age limit for this role)
Nationality: US, Canada, Australia, UK
Skin color requirements: None
Education: Bachelor or above
Teacher qualification: TEFL / TESOL
Teaching experience: more than 2 years

Job details are as follows:
Wages: Base salary 18K (after tax) / month + additional bonuses / remunerations offered during interview stage, 10 months (including winter vacation), performance and other interviews
Air ticket subsidy: The hirer shall provide the hirer with a round-trip international air ticket from China to the hirer's permanent residence address every school year.
Health insurance: included
Holiday benefits: Christmas or Easter, one of which is closed for one day of holiday; the other holidays are synchronized with Chinese school holidays
Year-end bonus: determined at interview stage
Free accommodation: Free accommodation, independent and fixed dormitory


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