Teach English in China, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, or Thailand, earn a top-end salary and have an experience of a lifetime!

Dream of working abroad? It's not as difficult as it sounds and doesn't require any related work experience. Teaching English abroad is one of the easiest, most lucrative work foreigners take up overseas; with thousands of young native speakers taking up teaching posts all over the world every year, it's never been a better time to get involved.

As we have been working in the industry for 5 years, we guarantee a legitimate teaching job abroad before you leave your home country. A Working visa is processed while you work at your current position and you can quite easily jet-set off to your new teaching career abroad without any teaching or related work experience.

If you hold a BA Degree in any field and you're a native English speaker from UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or Ireland you qualify to work in any of our teaching English positions abroad. Teaching experience is not required, full training is given on the job when you arrive. You will need to complete an online TEFL course if your BA Degree is not education related.

You will almost definitely earn more money working overseas than in the average professional full time position back in your home country.
Note, where salaries may seem slightly less when converting currencies back to your home currency, you should also take note of extremely low living costs abroad, even in cities of 15-20 million people. Expect living costs to be 10 times less than back home, your income after tax which you could save can easily be in the 500-800GBP per month region even in your first year teaching without experience.

Accommodation & Living
Most employers arrange accommodation for you, sometimes in the larger cities, topping 10 million or more residents you may have to find your own accommodation. This should not alarm you, as it's probably better that you take a week or so living in a hotel to find the areas of your new city you would prefer to live in. When you've found an area your school has many colleagues to help with translation and searching for an apartment, nearly always they will also have valuable resources to find your perfect living accommodation to make your experience teaching English abroad even more memorable.

Language barrier
The lack of spoken English may not be so apparent as many locals overseas do speak a reasonable level of English. You'll find it relatively easy to communicate and get around with basic English, although you should be prepared to learn as much of the local language as you can. Generally, teachers who take the time to learn the language and embrace the culture have a far deeper, greater experience teaching english overseas after learning a little of the local language.

China probably has the largest demand for English teachers than any other country in the world. Teaching English in China is an excellent choice for a fantastic teaching and cultural experience. We also offer jobs in China, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, or Thailand.

We accept applications online, please prepare a CV outlining as much related experience to teaching as possible. If you do not have any teaching experience, please outline your professional experience. You should prepare a full faced, colour photo, your passport copy (You may blank out the passport number if you wish to guarantee your safety, although our company policy is extremely strict on data protection so you may upload this in full), your BA Degree copy and any related teaching certificates if you have them.

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  Recent teaching jobs abroad
  Teach English in China
"Kindergarten Teacher, Guangzhou, 25k / ..." 
  Up to 25,000 RMB /month
  Teach English in Thailand
"Teach English In Preschool Or Primary S..." 
  Up to 37,000 /month
  Teach English in China
"No Office Hours! Primary School In Pany..." 
  Up to 23,000 RMB /month
  Teach English in China
"Adults Training English Teaching Positi..." 
  Up to 16,000 RMB /month
  Teach English in South Korea
"English Teacher In Gwangju, South Korea..." 
  Up to 2,400,000 /month
  Teach English in South Korea
"English Teacher In Incheon, South Korea..." 
  Up to 2,400,000 /month
  Teach English in South Korea
"English Teacher In Daegu, South Korea, ..." 
  Up to 2,400,000 /month
  Teach English in South Korea
"English Teacher In Busan, South Korea, ..." 
  Up to 2,400,000 /month
  Teach English in South Korea
"English Teacher In Seoul, South Korea, ..." 
  Up to 2,400,000 /month
  Teach English in China
"Looking For Native Esl Teacher In Train..." 
  Up to 17,500 RMB /month
  Teach English in China
"European Teachers Needed In Training Ce..." 
  Up to 14,500 RMB /month
  Teach English in China
"Esl Language Teacher Needed In Training..." 
  Up to 20,000 RMB /month
  Teach English in China
"Head Teacher Needed In Training Center ..." 
  Up to 23,000 RMB /month
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