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Hello. I am Andy from Slovakia. I used to work for Yeats English Education in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province. They have no license to hire foreigners, although they love promising. They promised me to hire me after Christmas. Once I was away, they threw away my stuff I had kept in the school, probably keeping some cash I had there. I cant´t understand how it is possible that Yeats have ad on this website. Thank you

Our Answer:

Thank you so much for letting us know about your situation,

I understood your feeling now. So sorry to make this inconvenience to you.
I have checked with our clients, Yeats Education about their license for hiring foreigners. They do have the license to hire teachers and help teachers to get working visa but applicants must be from Native English speaking countries to qualify.

For your stuff kept in the school the school confirmed they delivered them to your friend's address that you have given.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to call us or e-mail.

Have a nice day!     


Date: Sun, 13 May 2018 11:07:46 +0000, 2343 views

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