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Hello ! My name is Sahro and I'm currently majoring in teacher education. Since I'm graduating in two years I'd like to find as many oppuritnies to teach in Korea as a non native English speaker. Furthermore I'm taking korean classes outside of my major to learn korean and I hope to be fluent in a year or two. The reason why I'm writing to you is in hopes of tips on how to start this process. I can't seem to find any help? Iā€™m looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance. FORGOT TO MENTION I'M A NON NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER. Best regards Sahro Ali Salad

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Thanks for your inquiry! But sorry, we don't have a job in South Korea now which can accept non native English speakers, they all only accept native English speakers now.

However, we have some jobs available now in China which can accept non native English speakers, maybe you can have a look.








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