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Hi good evening. I had a question about the visa process and hoped you knew the answer . I am in China now. I want to work in a school, so I should get a TEFL certificate. I will do an online TEFL course these days. The TEFL company said they can notarise the certificate for me. For the teaching certificate, is this all I need to do with it? Just he t it notarised? Any information would be great , thank you

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hi Owyn yes that's fine so long as it's 120 hours or more for tier 1 cities. you don't actually need the Notarization on a TEFL. a translation in the govt. in China is sufficient. you do need a bachelor degree with a full Notarization from the Chinese embassy in your home country

Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2021 02:37:40 +0000, 1153 views

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