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What does it mean if school can not provide me working visa? How dangerous is that? How much are taxes in China? Thanks

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Thank you for your questions. If school can not provide you working visa is must be you are not qualified to process working visa or the school don't have the permission from the government to hire foreign English teachers.

Income tax for foreigners in China is compulsory by law in all cases unless the total is 4800RMB monthly (4800RMB is the tax free allowance) or less and is tiered as follows:-

4800RMB tax free income threshold
1) 1500RMB or less (over 4800RMB)         3%
2) 1,500-4,500 yuan (over 6300RMB)        10%
3)  4,500-9,000 yuan (over 10700RMB)     20%


Amy Wen

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2014 19:58:42 +0000, 4615 views

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