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Can you advise me how dangerous is to work on tourist/business visa? thank you

Our Answer:

This is not recommended, although is quite common across the country. Generally local police will check your employer and they usually have connections with local police to protect their employees in cases such as this. If you do work under this kind of visa you should do so at your own discretion and be prepared to get the longest possible tourist/business visa in your home country as you can only get a maximum of 1-month extension after you arrive in China. Then you will need to go to Hong Kong / Singapore to get additional visas around 3-months maximum and can usually only do this once. Expenses for tourist/business visas are not usually reimbursed and the missed work days are not generally paid for.

If you do qualify for a working visa you should make sure you find an employer to get this for you.



Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 21:21:30 +0000, 4286 views

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