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Hi,I am an I have a 1year experience teaching at a Kindergarten,I have qualifications in Ordinary level with the subjects Maths,English,English Literature & Commerce. I was hoping to get a job & further teaching education skills since I love kids. Can I get a job with my qualifications

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Hi There,

With teaching experience you will have a number of options available to you in China teaching in Kindergarten and Training centers.

Note; Without a BA Degree you will not qualify for a working visa. If you still wish to proceed you must be prepared to get the longest possible Business/Tourist Visa in your home country, preferably 1 year. You should also understand the risks involved in working in China without a working(Z1) visa.

Note, we recommend taking a TESOL Diploma or higher qualification to try to process a working (Z) visa with this in place of a BA Degree - It is not guaranteed to work, but does in some cases. If you would like to enquire about the TESOL diploma (online) we can offer please e-mail:



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