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Dear Find Work Abroad, I am a blogger writing about experiences teaching in China and found an account of you placing teachers with Guangzhou Worlda Cultural and Educational Services (as opposed to placing them directly). Could you give me some insight into how your placement works and if you have or did have any business relationship with Guangzhou Worlda? Thank you and I look forward to your response.

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Thank you for reaching out to us directly about this.

Yes, we can confirm we place a small number of our teachers with Guangzhou Worlda which may not be considered a direct school because they send teachers to public schools across Guangzhou rather than their own school.

It's important to consider in this case and in the majority of smaller public schools and Kindergartens across China which cannot afford the licensing and government red tape required to hire foreign teachers directly. In these schools the only legal way they can hire foreign teachers is via an agency holding the legal status to hire foreign teachers. In this situation the teacher is contracted to a particular school via an agency like Worlda.

In a number of cases when we say we work with direct schools this is exactly the case around 80% of the time in the other 20% of the time we say employers such as Worlda are  direct because they are the final legal hiring entity in the process. In many cases this works better as well, so long as the agency pays foreign teachers fairly and legally. Where in Worlda's case we have had a 95% satisfaction rate. We find employers such as this regularly process working visas and are far better prepared, can process working visas in half the time, are geared better for handling family situations, offer comprehensive training and support and have more flexibility in terms of the school or students that teachers wish to teach and/or teachers do have more flexibility to change schools/classes throughout the year should a particular school not be suitable.

We highly recommend teachers compare salaries and working hours if they decide to go via the agency route as some agencies can take a larger chunk of teachers' salaries than what we would call fair. A quick comparison of several offers in the city and a bit of due-diligence will help clarify the best option in almost every case. Alternatively, Our employers all comply with our strict regulations and we will not work with poor quality employers or schools.


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