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Hi There. I am a Native english speaker from South Africa.I have the 140 hour Tefl course as well as experience in teaching. The only requirement id o not have is a degree I do hold a diploma and am currently busy studying a degree through correspondence which can be done internationally. How can I go about being able to work as a teacher in China without having the degree requirement?

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If you want to work in China legally you must hoding a working (Z) visa. If you know you do not qualify and the employer still says they can get the working visa for you they may be lying and you should be a little cautious, they may then ask you to get a business or tourist visa; This is not recommended although if you wish to still go ahead the employer will usually have suitable connections with the government to allow you to work on a business or tourist visa without trouble.


Date: Sun, 08 May 2016 06:47:18 +0000, 3446 views

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