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my school is more definitely not offering the social security or the health care. I will have to pay full price for doctors visits and prescriptions. Can I use a traveler's insurance long term? Does travelers insurance even cover regular prescriptions?

Our Answer:

Hi Lindsay, yes you can get long term travel insurance. 1-2 years at once can be purchased or an annual policy. Research in detail though as some policies require you to leave from your home country and return by the end of the policy. Travel insurance doesn't usually cover regular prescriptions but these are usually very cheap in China as are small medical treatments in hospitals. If you regularly visit the hospital and get prescriptions over 500RMB per month talk to you employer about the social security option. They usually cover 30% to 50% of the fee and the rest would be taken from your salary in most cases. Around 500-700rmb per month depending on location. When they do this for you you will get a card which looks like a bank card which can be used for full or partial payment of treatments, medical costs and medicines.


Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2016 14:19:01 +0000, 3617 views

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